Who We Are

Founder, President - Karen Weeks

Since shortly after the discovery of Lyme disease, Karen Weeks has been at the forefront of the research of, and testing for this debilitating disease. While supervising the Virology Department at the Department of Public Health for Massachusetts, and working directly with Dr. Allen Steere at Tufts University Medical Center and Victor Berardi, Karen developed the Antibody Capture Immunoassay, which remains the most sensitive test available for Lyme disease.

In 1990 Karen co-founded IMUGEN Inc, the premier laboratory for the diagnosis of Lyme disease, and many other tick-borne diseases.  While with IMUGEN, she worked directly with the American Red Cross and Rhode Island Blood Center to screen the blood supply for Babesia microti, another potentially devastating tick-borne illness.  She was also forefront in identifying the first Borrelia miyamotoi case in the United States, and later developed a test to diagnose the infection.

Karen is co- author of extensive publications pertaining to tick-borne diseases in The Journal of Infectious Diseases, The New England Journal of Medicine, and many others.